Sophia’s Library — Artificial Life (2010)

04.08.2019 Ambient

Artificial Life is the only industrial album of Sophia’s Library. Originally it was released in 2010 as a folder on different sites for indeendent musicians.

The current rerelease of the album differs a bit from the original release: we took the first version of its cover that was made for the origin but was declined before the release. Also we decided that the track No Escape doesn’t sound good at this album (and at all) so we excluded it from the album. All track were remastered (as we could…)


1. Intro 1:58
2. Artificial Life 6:17
3. Iron Angels 7:21
4. Precipice 1:23
5. Self-Research 6:07
6. Sweet Sadness 3:46
7. Outro 3:39

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