About us

Nostalgia for Darkness is a net label founded by Sergei Shilov, mostly interested in ethereal and dark neoclassical music. Also we may accept jazz, idm, ambient, experimental music… and even hip-hop if we feel that it provides the same mood.

The only genre we don’t accept is hard rock: we like it very much, especially metal forms, but we think that there are lots of other labels for it. Anyway, if your music is something like atmospheric post-doom, electronic post-hardcore or industrial, feel free to send it to us.


What we will do with your music:

Firstly, we will sell it on our site and our public pages in different social networks.

Also we will sell it in different internet shops and promote (radio and ads on different sites are included, but we also will search for more ways of promotion).

Also we will collect wishes to buy a CD or Vinyl and produce it if the minimal amount of wishes will be collected.

We like when our artists collaborate so we support covers, feats, mixes and remixes inside the label.

If you have any questions, you may always contact us here.