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Sophia’s Library was founded by Sergei Shilov in 2008. Initially it was an electronic music project titled Mortal Passions. Sergei wished to be genre-free, but the first album was next to dark neoclassical. That’s why the title of the project was changed to Sophia’s Library: there may be books of any genre in a library, but the name Sophia says the music will make us think about eternity, the meaning of our life and so on.

The first album, Await, was self-released in 2009. It is the only album we decided not to rerelease now.

The second album, Artificial Life, was released in the end of 2010 and sounds more experimental and industrial. This is the only industrial album of Sophia’s Library, later Sergei founded Psychotic Dreams for such music, so unofficially Artificial Life is the first album of Psychotic Dreams.

Can’t Forget You has been released in the beginning of 2011 and was the first and last album of Sophia’s Library that got a lot of feedback from listeners.

Learn to Fly is the last self-released album of Sophia’s Library that contains all tracks that have not been released before.

In 2011 Sergei started to work on the next album titled Лунный яд (Lunveneno) based on the story by Stanislav Rzhevskiy with the same title. In was released on our label in 2020.

Now Sergei decided to finish drafts accumulated during the time he worked on Lunveneno and release a new album in Russian language. This would be the first album of Sophia’s Library with vocal tracks. The first single from the upcoming album, Паутина, will be released on September 16, 2021.

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