Psychotic Dreams

Psychotic Dreams was founded by Sergei Shilov in 2011 as an experimental branch of Sophia’s Library. In general, Sophia’s Library had some listeners and became neoclassical project though Sergei wished it to be genre-free in the beginning. Psychotic Dreams should be a trash bin that will release tracks that are too weird for Sophia’s Library but may be interesting for somebody.

Initially Sergei said that the idea of Psychotic Dreams came to him during the reading of musical theory. The book began from the words “Firstly there was a music”, so all musical theory is a description of observations made by composers. Sergei said that the first music and the way people observed it could be different so he decided to try to find another music.

Soon it was found that there are a lot projects with lazy founders who doesn’t want to read musical theory and wishes to create their own rules. The most part of such projects could be listened to by their founders only. So it was decided to add simple pop melodies to the experiments.

All albums of Psychotic Dreams are nights, and tracks are dreams that listener see during the nights. In the beginning the project was gothic/industrial, later it changed the genre to idm.

Now Sergei understand that he didn’t know the modern theory enough for those experiments and all things he tried are described there, and also there are methods how to do it better than he did. So the nights are over now and the project will release 3 retrospective albums with the best tracks from the nights and also new unreleased tracks.

The project will return back later with new music and concept but nobody knows the time it will take.

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