Psychotic Dreams – UFO crush (2021)

The UFO crush mini-album began from the try to use ruDALL-E Malevich (XL) to produce a cover image for the noise track ‘UFO Crashes in the Forest’ by Psychotic Dreams from the album ‘The Fourth Night’, that also coming soon in the album ‘Conspiracy’.

The resulting image didn’t reflect the mood of the initial track but Sergei (known as Psychotic Dreams) liked it, so it was decided to write a special track for it using audio feedback loop system. ‘UFO crush enters your mind’ is that track. The words that the crush says were generated using

A bit later Sergei thought that it would be rather good to produce something more rhytmic, so he have cutted the tracks produced by the feedback loop system and remixed them. This is how the other two tracks have been produced.

This is the first album that we decided to release on the Audius platform.