Gabriel Natan – Scream (2019)

EP “Scream” consists of old songs by Gabriel Natan. It’s possible that some of them but in with a new arrangement will be released on the forthcoming album called “Flora”.

Nostalgia for Darkness decided to release the EP to underline the strongest feelings of these songs.

The author wrote “scream” in a memory of her father.
“Dark lake of dreams” is about one of the most beautiful and mystical places on Earth looks like a Black mirror.
“Ghost” is about the castle on the seaside. It’s a real place, with cold winds, wet, unheated rooms, drafts and legends of this place.
Roses is about immortal love and the safest place on the Earth at night – a cemetery.
“The villian of love” is all about lust and the remourses in the end of a story (be careful your lover could turn into a demon).

In 2022 the remastered version of Scream have been released, so you can listen an old version of Scream for free or use the link for the current version.

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