Psychotic Dreams – Origin of Silicon Life (2019)

12.08.2019 IDM

Origin of Silicon Life is the first album of Psychotic Dreams that was made specially for our label. Initially it was thought that it will become “the best of…”, but when the selection of tracks finished it was clear that the amount of tracks is abnormal for an album and the tracks are very different. So it was decided to release three different albums.

Origin of Silicon Life is the first of these three albums. It contains 9 tracks, 2 of them were in previous albums, 3 had been posted in the net before and 4 of them are the new ones. The main features of this release that divide it from the next two albums are synthetic sound and complex beat.

1. Origin of Silicon Life 9:09

2. Micro(chip)evolution 4:45

3. Creepy Dance 4:31

4. RoboSumo 4:48

5. Broken Mechanism 4:55

6. Hybrid Model 8:38

7. Production Line 5:36

8. Homeless, Nameless… 2:57

9. Dance of Rusty Machines 5:58

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